The joy of living can be captured in life's defining moments, and your wedding day should be the most memorable one of all. Our goal is to work with couples that want the naturalness of their wedding day recorded with a candid and spontaneous approach. We focus on creating artistic images that have the impact and magnitude you deserve. 

At iLLume Weddings we use innovative approaches to capture your wedding day images with passion, energy and meaning.  We are a photographic studio unlike any other. What makes us such a unique and customer friendly company is our photographic versatility born from our roots in photojournalism.

Photojournalism is not a photographic wedding style; it is a means of communication that helps provide, explore, define and express life’s intangible moments. Weddings are filled with stylish elegance and captivating surroundings; and our documentary photography is designed to compliment your exquisite details, while showcasing the lively and precious moments of your day.

Selecting a wedding photographer that you feel comfortable with and trust will go a long way toward making your wedding day all you expect.  At iLLume Weddings we will craft evocative photographs that communicate, reflect and inspire the energy of your day for a long time to come.